A life-like visiting experience for your Residents and their Visitors.

Virtual Visiting for Healthcare Facilities Made Simple!

Our all-in-one Visitor Carts, along with our Service Plans, makes it simple to add virtual visiting for residents in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, and long-term care facilities.

If you are thinking about adding virtual visiting, look no further.
Visit Time is the only answer.

Visit Time is Extremely Simple to Use

Visitors schedule their visits online with a few clicks.
Have the Resident in front of the Visitor Cart at the scheduled time.
The Visitor Cart starts automatically.
Visitors use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to join in.

Our Mobile Visitor Carts

27" Visitor Cart
32" Visitor Cart

Our service plans offer unlimited virtual visiting and scheduling.

Add Virtual Visiting to your Assisted Living or Healthcare Facility