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  1. Purchase our VisitTime Visitor Cart.
  2. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to create your facility account and set up VisitTime while your cart is on its way.
  3. Once your Visitor Cart arrives, select a plan and start your subscription
Yes. If you have between 1 and 9 residents, you will be charged the rate for a minimum of 10 residents.
Visit Time does not collect any Protected Health Information (PHI). During the setup and scheduling process, the only data collected is the first and last name of the resident or patient, which is linked solely to a unique Resident ID Code created by the facility. No additional PHI is gathered.
Yes, Visit Time uses Zoom's software platform for virtual visits, which is HIPAA compliant.
Yes, Visit Time protects and encrypts all audio and video during virtual visits. The platform does not permit screen sharing or recording of virtual visits, nor does it have access to identifiable PHI.
The Resident ID Code is a unique identifier the facility assigns to associate the resident/patient's first and last name. First-time visitors must complete a one-time registration to efficiently access a dashboard for scheduling and canceling visits. To register, visitors need to know the Resident ID Code or receive an email invitation from the facility.
A first-time visitor must contact the facility to request an email invitation or a Resident ID code. The facility can send an email invite with just a few clicks through the dashboard, generating a unique key code. The email recipient will not see the Resident ID Code. The email invite allows the visitor to complete their first-time registration and add the resident to their dashboard. Facilities and residents can also provide the Resident ID Code to visitors verbally.
After the initial software setup, which typically takes about 15 minutes, VisitTime operates almost autonomously within the healthcare facility. It streamlines the scheduling and management of visits for residents and patients, putting the control in the hands of the visitors rather than the facility.
When a visit is scheduled, the facility receives an automated email containing details about the visitor and the date and time of the visit. Additionally, the facility gets an email notification on the morning of each scheduled visit. A dashboard is also available to monitor and manage visits. Facilities only need to check this dashboard daily for upcoming visits and ensure the resident or patient is available at the scheduled time.
The resident only needs to be in front of the Visitor Cart at the scheduled time. The cart's 3-cameras will perfectly frame and track the resident's position, whether they are in bed, in a wheelchair, sitting, or standing.
The facility can designate a specific area for the Visitor Cart where residents can come for their visits, or the cart can be wheeled into any room or next to a bed. The resident or patient simply needs to be in front of the cart at the scheduled time.
Visits are limited to twenty minutes. Facilities can choose to schedule virtual visits either on the hour or every half hour, giving staff either 10 or 40 minutes to position the Visitor cart for the next visit.
Some facilities add additional Visitor Carts to have one on each floor or in each building. If visitors have difficulty scheduling visits due to high demand, adding another Visitor Cart can help free up scheduling time.
When the Visitor Cart is not in use for visits, facilities can display digital signage or videos on the screen. This allows them to show upcoming events, announcements, information, and more. The signage runs automatically, stopping five minutes before a scheduled visit and resuming once the visit is over.